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We offer various way to get everything your business needs, including our powerful FREE eProcurement system that empowers your staff to purchase with strict budget parameters.

Visit our online store,, to purchase whatever you need from our range of over 20,000 products.  The site is user friendly with a powerful search function to help you find the products you need.

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Many companies are finding it increasingly difficult to manage and control costs across various categories of not-for-resale products (consumables).

Effective’s ePro online eProcurement solution is a powerful FREE tool that empowers your staff to purchase with strict budget parameters, giving you complete power to authorise spend and run instant reporting on all your cost centres whether they be at a central or a remote location.

It’s a versatile system that is set up in the way that works best for you.  Some examples of system configuration follow:

  • You (and anyone else you’ve set as an Administrator), place orders on ePro for delivery to several individual branches.
  • You can give authority to branch managers to buy a selected list of products from ePro. You set a budget for each site and you can approve and modify orders before we process them.
  • You place orders for delivery to yourself at head office (or wherever you are based) or to your central warehouse or a third party distribution centre.

You can configure the system to work in the ways described in any of above examples or all of them at once.

Set up your contract product list from our existing 20,000+ products and we can also source and stock products for you including manufacturing and stock holding your bespoke printed products.  We can even buy in a limited number of products from your existing suppliers on your behalf and hold them in our warehouse to send out with your ongoing orders.

Please see the following online brochure for more details.  The brochure is mainly aimed at the retail sector but applies equally to a multi-site manufacturing/distribution company, or a business of any type with just one site but many cost centres and individual buyers.

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